Placemaking Action Group

Summary of discussions and activities

Chair – Ian Reay

Meetings have been held monthly since November 2021.

Lively discussions about the town centre have taken place about topics including:

  • The potential to see if another Farmers’ Market each month might be considered
  • The condition and relevance of the Bird Cage
  • The condition of some town centre properties (and what action is being taken)
  • The introduction of more greenery and ways to bring ‘nature’ into the town centre
  • A desire to see more living in the town centre and whether existing buildings could be developed to faciliate this
  • A study has been suggested to investigate how much vacant space exists (above the shops or in under used commercial premises).


The environment has been prominent in discussions, linking to the recommendations of the Climate Change Citizen’s Jury.  A proposal suggested encouraging local people to complete an online measuring tool so a town level carbon footprint could begin to be assessed.  A PhD student from Lancaster University has volunteered some time to this project, along with SLDC’s Climate Change and Bio-diversity Specialist.

Collaboration with other Action Groups will be encouraged.