Get Involved – Vision Action Groups

Our community led Action Groups bring local people together to get involved in small, practical projects about subjects they care about and which benefit Kendal.

The groups are supported by Nick Taylor, our Vision Manager, and each is chaired by a local volunteer with a specialist interest in that subject area.

They will focus on some of the key themes identified by the public as important to them during the development of the Kendal Vision.  Each group will also be asked to consider sustainability and actions which tackle climate change as they develop.

The groups will be open to all and can include representatives from existing societies and organisations, as well as individuals who wish to share their views and ideas or lend their expertise.

Remember, if a date or time doesn’t suit you, let us know and we’ll try to have a conversation with you or structure the timings another way.  We’re keen to involve as many people as possible.

Transport and Getting Around

Attendees have a range of interests and expertise covering buses, trains and the railway and cycling.  The group holds discussions and site visits to consider how to encourage more people to ride their bike or walk, considered the improvement scheme for Stramongate and explored how to implement the Vision’s ideas to improve traffic flow.  

Venue: Kendal Business Hub, Angel Yard

Wednesday 10th January – 12 noon

Wednesday 7th February – 6.30 pm

Wednesday 6th March – 12 noon

Wednesday 10th April – 6.30 pm

Wednesday 8th May – 12 noon

Wednesday 5th June – 6.30 pm

Wednesday 3rd July – 12 noon

Placemaking (Landscape & Environment)

This group is attended by community members with a wide range of interests and a wish to improve the look and feel of the town. They are co-ordinating a project to enliven one of the town’s yards. 

Venue: Kendal Business Hub, Angel Yard

Wednesday 17th January – No meeting
Please join our Progress Event in Kendal Town Hall
at 1.30 pm or 6.00 pm.  (Details here)

Wednesday 14th February – 5.30 pm

Wednesday 13th March – 12 noon

Wednesday 17th April – 5.30 pm

Wednesday 15th May – 12 noon

Wednesday 12th June – 5.30 pm

Wednesday 10th July – 12 noon

Arts & Creatives

This new group brings together visual and performing artists, graphic designers, photographers and film-makers, musicians, museum and education professionals and many others to discuss their needs and aspirations for the town.

Venue: 98 Highgate

Wednesday 20th December – 7.00 pm

Wednesday 24th January – 7.00 pm

Wednesday 21st February – 7.00 pm

Wednesday 20th March – 7.00 pm

Wednesday 24th April – 7.00 pm

Wednesday 22nd May  –  7.00 pm

Wednesday 19th June – 7.00 pm

Wednesday 17th July – 7.00 pm

Photo by Austin Neill - Unsplash

Vision Delivery Team

Vision delivery team meetings provide an opportunity for the different Action Groups to come together and report on their progress and actions.


Find out more!

If you’d like to find out more about the Vision Action Groups and how to get involved, contact Nick Taylor, Kendal Vision Manager.

Phone: 07807 450192