Kendal Foot fall

Footfall Monitoring

The footfall in Kendal town centre is counted and collated by Springboard via a camera outside WH Smith. Footfall data helps us to monitor activity and trends, as well understand the impact of our events and festivals, town improvements or unusual events (such as flooding or roadworks) on the town centre.  Data is shared monthly with partners, local businesses and commercial agents, but more detailed daily or hourly reports and comparisons can be provided.

We also share our data with Skipton and Lancaster to see if those towns experience similar footfall trends.

If you’d like to receive copies of the footfall reports, please just contact us.

Sample footfall reports

Note the reports below show the impact of COVID-19 on Kendal town centre.

Weekly Footfall Kendal Wk13 2020

Monthly Footfall Kendal M3 2020