Signage Projects

Over the years, Kendal Futures has co-ordinated several signage projects to better promote the town.

Brown and white tourism signage

On the main entry points to the town and through the town centre to better promote Kendal’s attractions to visitors and encourage those who usually by-pass the town to visit.  Funding was provided by Kendal Town Council and the town’s attractions all contributed.

Highgate Yard signs

Projecting signs and directory boards to promote footfall and increase awareness of the yards businesses and car park entrances.

Fingerpost signage

Installed at 8 locations on the outskirts of the town centre to promote the visitor attractions and encourage walking with funding from South Lakes Local Committee (Cumbria County Council).

New Shambles

Created business directory boards and projecting signs at the yard entrances, reflecting its history and heritage, in partnership with the landlord and businesses. The signs were bespokely designed and made by sculptural metalworker Chris Brammall and the project was funded by South Lakeland Local Committee, South Lakeland District Council and the yard’s businesses.